ESA Computers addresses the needs of both enterprise organizations and small to medium business companies. We specialize in network security, network engineering and also in providing managed support of in-house systems in business organizations.

Our outsourced and in-house IT solutions are cost-effective, custom-tailored to meet the needs of your organizations and handled by world-class certified consultants. We take pride in our industry level best practices developed through our extensive industry experience.

To learn more about specific solutions we offer, please click on any of the below IT categories.

Our professionals perform LAN/WAN implementations, firewall and router setup/support and remote data storage services.



Security is a concern for every business. ESA's dedicated group of leading security specialists work to ensure the best protection that can be available for your network.




ESA's comprehensive managed support services provides all the benefits of a fully manned IT team without the investment in personnel and technology. ESA has the infrastructure, organization and skills to better managed your IT division.




Our services include, but limited to:

  • Local and Wide network installation and configuration (including intranets and extranets)
  • Performance evaluation and optimization.
  • Problem troubleshooting.
  • Network security evaluation.
    • Perimeter Firewalls.
      • We use software and hardware based firewalls to make sure they provide the best possible protection for your investment. It is a first line of defense from an external source of attack.
    • Personal Firewalls.
      • Once hackers get into your PC, you are a prime target for remote-access Trojans, Viruses and Internet worms. The security of your personal data, private files, online shopping details-even your system performance – are all at their mercy.
    • Antivirus.
    • Spyware removal.
      • Remove Spyware that leads to identity theft and slow computer performance
    • Make your PC impenetrable to viruses and hackers
  • Data integrity and safety.
    • Remote and In-house data storage and backup solutions
  • Design, configure and install Local and Wide area networks.
  • Remote and interactive Network Management.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business continuity planning.
    • Business Continuity and disaster recovery are major corporate concerns. To ensure your business's survival in the event of disruptions that threaten your network's performance, ESA can help plan a business continuity plan which coupled with appropriate disaster recovery plans can result in comprehensive protection to your business assets, your reputation...and your very survival.
  • Business automation.
    • Making recommendations on maximizing your current IT investment for your business needs.
    • Document Digitizing, Storage and Retrieval solutions.
    • Network centralized faxing.
    • E-mail, task, calendar and contacts.
  • Web, Database and Server hosting services.


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