ESA specializes in implementing diverse networking technologies including Local Areal Networks, Wide Area Networks and Virtual Private Networks and can transform your entire network into one that is more focussed, optimized and productive.

Business Continuity and disaster recovery are major corporate concerns. To ensure your business's survival in the event of disruptions that threaten your network's performance, ESA can help plan a business continuity plan which coupled with appropriate disaster recovery plans can result in comprehensive protection to your business assets, your reputation...and your very survival.

ESA provides all the services that can be offered by an fully staffed IT department, at a fraction of the cost of having your own fully staffed IT department. Our services include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Implementing Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks (including Intranets and Extranets)
  • Business Continuation Services
  • Performing Network,System and Software Upgrades for your Networks
  • Making recommendations on maximizing your current IT investment for your business needs
  • Remote and In-house data storage and backup solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Procedures
  • Web, Database and Server Hosting Services
  • Document Storage and Retrieval Solutions
  • Office Automation Design and Installation

Our expert teams also guarantee that your networks are working in accordance to your business needs. If you wish to acquire additional information about our services or have a quick question, you can either call us or drop us an email to and we will get in touch with you with your requested information.



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